The Light.

There was a dark room outside, or maybe inside. And, my laptop cursor was blinking. Somewhere in between the ticking of a wall clock and a stoned stare at the screen. There was movement all around, and I couldn’t move. But, I did move. I moved so much that my legs were exhausted to the extent of  feeling nothing. There were silhouettes all around the room. Dancing silhouettes in shades of something familiar. Something like truth. They were shades of truth. Those shades don’t blind, don’t hurt. They ease. And, I realized why dark is a synonym of light. They aren’t different. Just then, my screen light went off . I silenced, and that silenced all movements in the room. Maybe, outside the room. I still couldn’t figure. All  I could see was void. It wasn’t that kind of void which is full when I see right. It was more like an empty echo where I don’t get answers, only the questions come back. Stark black caged me like smoke and I felt heavy. Heavy not physically but like a block, a dead end. It enveloped me from outside as it crept inside known and unknown holes in me. My legs of thoughts subsided, and somehow I felt more exhausted. I screamed and screamed for the silhouettes, the dances to return. I wanted to be free like that when I moved with no movements. But, there was no answer. I plugged in the charger. The screen lighted. The cursor started blinking. All of a sudden, silhouettes were reborn. Again to the same rhythm of a clock and a stoned stare. This time even merrier. And, then it struck. The room was nothing but the black cursor on my white laptop screen moving fanatic alphabets, all this while. And, I didn’t want to leave that room.


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